Locomotive Balls

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 Interactive train (958) 


After pressing the button, the toy will be put in motion. In the rhythm of the colorful tunes, the cymchcia moves on a flat surface bouncing off obstacles.
Playing with the choo-choo train can be very evolving, we have at our disposal 3 variants of educational play.

1 variant - tracking colorful balls.
Ciuchcia can ride, and the colored balls thrown into the chimney will fly out the back of the locomotive, it will encourage our baby to joyfully crawling.

2nd option - reaching the target.
Ciuchcia can also help us with the fun of improving the accuracy of the child's throws. We can turn off the motion function and, from different distances, throw balls into the chimney, or make it difficult to play and try to get to the target while the locomotive is moving.

3 variant - a mobile toy that entertains.
Ciuchcia has a button on the back of the locomotive which, if pressed, will open the ramp inside the chimney, so that the balls inserted into the chimney during the ride will constantly move.

Ciuchcia rides itself, bouncing off the obstacles turns back.

The toy has an on / off switch and a 2-level volume control located on the base of the locomotive (from below).


The dimensions of the toy are approx. 21 cm x 12 cm x 19 cm.
The dimensions of the box are approx. 22 cm x 29 cm x 18 cm.




The toy is powered by 4 AA batteries (3 x 1.5V) - not included.







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