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Destription Syma Drone Black


The presented model is ideal for flying both indoors and outdoors. 
SYMA products are characterized by:
- very good quality of workmanship,
- very good operational parameters,
- high resistance to mechanical damage and atmospheric conditions,
- stability and ease of use,
- out of the box, the product is ready for flight.
Remote controlled helicopters are products that develop skills such as manual skills, concentration, speed of thinking and cunning.
The quadcopter, also known as a four-propellor helicopter, is powered by four rotors.
Thanks to the outer plastic cover, the rotors are less susceptible to damage.
The set comes with an additional 4 rotors, which makes the set very durable.
Quadcopter, unlike airplanes, are classified as helicopters, because their lift is generated by a set of rotors set horizontally to the ground.
DRON thanks to 4 rotors is able to "hang" in the air, as well as perform the evolution manually.
The equipment of the drone makes it able to perform complicated evolutions, eg the evolution of a full barrel (360 degrees), ie turn upside down, make a full circle and return to the starting position.
Built-in barometric sensor stabilizes the model's hinge, just like in professional drones.
- turn left / right, front / rear, up / down,
- 360 degree rotation in the air,
- 360 degrees spin to the sides,
- side flight,
- a flight at night,
- headless mode
- for beginners.
The advantage is also the lighting, placed at the bottom of the arms of the model, which facilitates navigation in bad weather, low light and at night.
The SYMA X5HW model is equipped with a HD wifi FPV camera and a smartphone holder that can be attached to the remote control.
Before the flight, it is necessary to align the camera with a video receiver (eg a smartphone).
The FPV camera allows direct image transmission to the smartphone screen, as well as recording of photos and recordings on the phone's memory card. In addition, thanks to the 2.4Ghz technology, it is possible to fly SYMA X5HW helicopters by several pilots simultaneously in the same place and time. .

Set contains

- SYMA X54HW drone, 
- 2.4GHz remote control,
- battery,
- USB cable,
- 4 additional rotors,
- propeller covers,
- HD camera,
- screwdriver,
- a telephone holder,
- user manual.




- drone - 37 x 37 x 10 cm, 
- weight approx. g,
- packaging dimensions approx. 45 x 6 x 9 cm.




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