A Huge Interactive Kitchen Accessories Pink

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A Huge Interactive Kitchen Accessories


We present you with an amazing, large interactive kitchen with great and sound effects. 
Attention to detail, vivid colors, aesthetic workmanship.
Easy assembly and disassembly.
The kitchen has an openable oven and fridge, 2 burners with sounds and lights, and a sink with a tap from which real water flies.
An additional attraction is the touch panel built into the kitchen.
The touch panel turns itself off after 1 minute of inactivity, thus saving battery life.
The advantages of the presented kitchen:
- 2 burners with sounds and lights,
- an oven and fridge that opens
- a sink from which water flies,
- plate dryer,
- chopping board built into the top,
- clock
- touchpad.
The knobs are movable, after turning the first burner to the left, the red light flashes and blinks and you can hear the sound of frying.
After turning the second torch to the left, the light also flashes and you hear the sound of cooking.
Functions of the touch panel:
- panel switch,
- ANIMAL SOUND button on which you press the sound of 3 animals and melody,
- MUSIC button when you press on it you can hear different melodies,
- button with numbers, you can hear numbers from 1 to 10 in English,
- MUSIC button after pressing which we hear songs,
- button with the loudspeaker, after adjusting the volume,
- the button with the boy you can hear the child's voice when pressed
- button with a telephone you can hear different phone ringtones, dial tone.
The toy is intended for children over 3 years of age and has a CE certificate.
Instructions for placing on the packaging. Toy powered by 3 x AA batteries (touch panel) - not included and 2 x AA (burners) - not included.
The whole packaged in a colorful box, ideal for a gift.


Content of the set

- kitchen, 
- stickers,
- touch panel,
- pump tap,
- plate dryer,
- side shelves,
- clock (about 6 cm x 6 cm),
- 5 x hooks for hanging cutlery,
- kettle with lid opening (about 9 cm x 11 cm)
- 6 x turnip vegetables (mushroom, pepper, eggplant, lemon, cabbage, tomato),
- fruits (kiwi, cherry, strawberry),
- a pot with a lid (about 6 cm x 13 cm) and a frying pan with a lid (about 5 cm x 17 cm),
- 4 plates (2 large - diameter approx. 14 cm and 2 small - diameter approx. 10 cm),
- 2 cups (about 5 cm x 7 cm), - 4 x spatula (about 16 cm x 3 cm),
- ladle, colander, spoon (about 14 cm x 2.5 cm),
- cutlery (2 small spoons, 2 small knives, a large knife, 2 forks - approx. 10 cm x 1.5 cm),
- imitation of food (sausages, egg),
- 3 cartons with products,
- 2 muffins with additives
- 4 cookies,
- imitation of packaging with coffee, mayonnaise, milk,
- a black bottle.




Dimensions of the kitchen: 
- height approx. 98 cm,
- width approx. 74 cm,
- a depth of about 35 cm,
- height to the top approx. 48 cm,
- diameter of the burner about 9 cm,
- sink dimensions approx. 17 cm x 11.5 cm.
Size of the package:
- height approx. 54 cm,
- width approx. 52 cm,
- a depth of about 20 cm.



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  • fax: +48 12 263 77 54
  • e-mail: denis@ramiz.pl
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