A Huge Array Of Two-Sided Blue Accessories

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A Huge Array Of Two-Sided Accessories


The blackboard on one side is white magnetic, and on the other is chalky. 
On the white page you can write with markers attached to the set and then rub the paintings with a sponge.
The white side is also used for attaching colorful magnets attached to the set.
On the white side there are also special clips for attaching paper sheets on which you can paint.
On the black, chalk side, you can paint with chalk.
A special holder for holding the chalk is attached to the set, it prevents the chalk from breaking and makes our little ones' hands stay clean.
On the black side, you can also attach magnets.
The board can be rotated 360 degrees, it is carefully made.
All kits are rounded, which ensures safety of use.
The set is easy to assemble and disassemble.
Instructions for placing on the packaging.
The set has a handle for easy transfer from place to place.
The whole packaged in a colorful box, type "suitcase" Delicate pastel colors. A toy designed for children 3+.
Thanks to the board, the child will stimulate the imagination, concentration and manual skills at the same time.

Set Contains

- an adjustable, rotating table of 360 degrees, 
- shelf for accessories,
- mounting screws,
- 2 plastic cups,
- erasable markers (markers),
- 12 colorful pieces of chalk,
- a chalk holder with white chalk inside,
- 12 colored magnets (2 x pink, 2 x yellow, 2 x red, 2 x blue, 2 x orange, 2 x green),
- sponge with a magnet,
- 2 feet for attaching sheets.




Dimensions of the usable surface of the table (magnetic-chalk surface): 
- length approx. 40 cm, -width approx. 30 cm.
Dimensions of the set:
- height approx. 110 cm,
- width approx. 60 cm,
- depth about 45 cm,
- height to the shelf approx. 40 cm,
- shelf dimensions approx. 36 cm x 38 cm.
Package dimensions: 59 cm x 49 cm x 16 cm.



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