Doctor's Office on wheels Suitcase

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Doctor's Office on wheels Suitcase


We present you with an amazing 3 in 1 medical set. 
The set was made in soft pastel colors, it will be suitable for both girls and boys.
If your child is afraid of the doctor, the kit will help him to get used to the medical tools with which the toddler meets during medical appointments.
If your child dreams of becoming a doctor, the medical kit will help him play that role.
The medical table is on wheels, so you can move it freely from place to place.
Comfortable carry handle at the back.
On the doctor's table, two attached side shelves on which you can put medical tools or wash and rewind a doll or a teddy bear.
A mounted panel with shelves and medicine hooks above the table.
The suitcase has a convenient carrying handle.
It houses all medical accessories freely.
The presented set is a great educational toy, developing the child's imagination and manual efficiency.
The toy was made of safe materials, with attention to detail.
Easy assembly and disassembly, assembly instructions on the packaging.
The set is intended for children from 3 years of age and has a CE certificate

Content of the set

- medical table with shelves transformed into 2 different trolleys, 
- medical case,
- stethoscope,
- glasses,
- scissors,
- scissors with a round tip,
- tweezers,
- syringe,
- thermometer,
- imitation box with patches and compresses,
- ENT laryngology
- sight glass,
- hammer,
- stickers.




Dimensions of the medical table:
- height approx. 58 cm,
 - width approx. 46 cm,
- a depth of about 40 cm.
The medical table can be quickly and easily converted into strollers in two ways.
 In the first variant, the dimensions of the trolley:
 - height approx. 60 cm,
- width approx. 28 cm,
- depth approx. 34 cm.
We tilt the cart, set the suitcase on it and we can play in the medical courier.
This option is recommended for an older child. In the second variant, the dimensions of the trolley:
- height approx. 43 cm,
- width approx. 35 cm,
- a depth of about 40 cm.
 We have a suitcase in the middle of the stroller so it will not fall out while driving.
This option is recommended for younger children.
The dimensions of the suitcase:
- height approx. 18 cm,
- width approx. 28 cm
- a depth of about 21 cm.
Tool dimensions around 13 cm x 6 cm.
Size of the package
- height approx. 60 cm,
- width approx. 41 cm,
- depth about 15.5 cm.



Sales Department 

  • nr. phone: +48 780 044 325 (dział Hurtowy) - Denis
  • nr. phone: +48 515 100 098 (dział Hurtowy) - Daniel
  • fax: +48 12 263 77 54
  • e-mail:
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  • The main office and warehouse: Kraków 31-574, Str. Ciepłownicza 54, 
    godziny pracy działu hurtowego Pn-Pt  od 9 do 17
  • Oddział Katowice ul. Markiefki 71
  • Oddział Warszawa ul. Kierbedzia 4 (Mokotów)
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