Folding table for games 4 in 1

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Set contents

Folding table for games 4 in 1


- billiards

- air hockey air hockey,

- football,

- Table Tennis,



The billiard table is covered with a special cloth.

The game consists of hitting balls, i.e. balls made of appropriate material and with specified parameters using a stick.

The goal of the game is to hit the balls into the pockets.

Usually two people participate in the game, alternating balls, usually making moves to make the first mistake.

The billiard part of the set includes:

- a table measuring approx. 55/103 cm + 6 balls in the ball, secured with a net,

- 2 wooden sticks, each approx. 92 cm long,

- 17 balls,

- triangle

- 2 chalk cubes,

- a cloth broom.

Table dimensions approx. 105 cm x 57 cm x 71 cm.


The goal of the game is to score more goals than your opponent.

The ball is controlled by means of gills, to which players' figurines are attached, which can be pulled or pushed or rotated, which causes: pulling the figures from a given gill towards you (to the right of the playing field), pushing the figures (to the left of the game) and kicking figurines.

The pitch is divided into 3 zones - defense, assistance and attack.

The help zone is very important.

This is where the game starts (ball thrown).

Passing this zone means moving from defense to attack or vice versa. In the defense zone, you must block the opponent's shot and kick the ball into the attack zone or directly shoot the opponent's goal.

In the attack zone you have to score a goal, and after its possible loss try to prevent the opponent from leaving this zone.

The football part of the set includes:

- football table,

- 2 balls,

- 4 gills with players,

The dimensions of the football table are approx. 109 cm x 61 cm x 81 cm.


Table tennis, popularly called ping pong, is a game in which 2 (single) or 4 people (doubles) participate.

The game is about bouncing the ball with a racket so that it flew over the net to the other half of the table.

The ball must hit the table only once, it is not allowed to bounce the ball from the air, as it is in tennis.

Points are awarded for hits that the opponent did not pick up.

The tennis part of the set includes:

- 2 rackets

- 2 balls,

- a net about 46 cm long,

- 2 posts for the grid.


- 48/96 cm board,

- 2 fenders,

- 2 discs.


Carton dimensions: 114.5 cm x 62.5 cm x 16.5 xm

Carton weight: 28 kg

Folded table upright: 155 cm




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