Inteligent multi-functional fitness piano

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 Inteligent multi-functional fitness piano


A colorful headband with many different shapes, which stimulates the sense of touch, sight and hearing, giving the child the joy of the effects of his new play.

The panel has five parts that interact with each other:

1. Self-wandering on the vault of blue SMILED SUNFLOW, moving left and right. At the same time he accompanies him: pleasant, cheerful tune with light effects.

2. COLORFUL WORKER with a moving ball, whose motion triggers the sound of a magic wand, additionally sets in motion the sunshine + light effects.

3. A COLORFUL PIANO ALONG WITH A BEECHING MOVEMENT is a field for our little musical virtuoso. On the piano, you can play your own composition, and if for a long while the child does not play, the song turns on spontaneously. Of course, it is accompanied by light effect and moving sun.

4. MANUAL BEE - by moving it brings out buzzing along with scratching + light effects and the movement of the sun.

5. BIRD TREE - after pressing the button, the bird's head emerges, twitter and light effects accompany it.

At the back there are three sliding buttons:
- two on the sides - it's a blockade, giving our child safety while playing,
- one in the middle - ON / OFF with volume control.

It has two rubber straps, thanks to which you can attach it to a crib or stroller.
The racks can be set in two positions.

The set includes THREE GRILLS:

- A COLORING MULTISEGRICAL MOVABLE TRACK that greatly develops child's motor coordination, giving a lot of fun while playing,
- AROUND AROUND AXLE FLOWER WITH A MIRROR, ALSO WITH SILICONE TUNERS, works great on the imagination of our child, and additionally a silicone teether child will massage the gums during teething,
- A TOGETHER WITH BEADS AND A VIBRATING BEE - stimulates motor and visual coordination, giving him the ability to react to individual reflexes.

Caterpilar has six educational segments.
Thanks to the rotating elements, the caterpillar can take innumerable shapes.
The TRAILER has two straps thanks to which we can attach it to a panel or a cot or a stroller.

- a foot paradise for a future footballer or footballer who regulates the strength and precision of his kick, and as a reward he can hear the sound of a bell or pipe.

- music panel 43 cm x 20 cm x 5 cm,
- length of braces 33 cm (braces are adjustable),
- platform 30 cm x 15 cm x 8 cm.

The music panel can be 38 cm high or in the second 17 cm position.



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