An Interactive Safe, Learn English HOLA TOYS

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An Interactive Safe, Learn English HOLA TOYS


Superbly made with attention to detail, colorful multifunctional cash register, let your child enter the world of numbers and basic calculations. 
It will improve your speaking and communication skills. Great and sound effects will encourage your child to play and be creative.
The cash register contains: - LED display It displays various animations to stimulate children's curiosity and interest in learning. - calculator
It helps to improve children's awareness of numbers and basic calculations. - volume button
The toy can be louder or quieter. - barcode scanner Barcode scanning from products. - cash drawer
The cash drawer contains a set of toy banknotes, helps the toddler to get acquainted with the coins.
Pressing the button on the drawer causes it to eject - microphone Pressing the button on the microphone and holding it starts the microphone.
The microphone helps your child improve their speaking and communication skills. - button that starts music.
Pressing the button allows you to play the song and sing along with it. - the card reader
The child performs activities that mimic the card scan. - signature reader with a magic pen
The child can sign up to authenticate the card transaction. - magic gum
Allows you to delete a previously-signed signature. - power mode selection switch
-OFF cash account disabled
After activating the magnifying glass function, the cute little voice at the cash desk greets you with your child and invites you to joint shopping.
Flashing lights, the music stimulates the child to play.
The cash register tells the child what to do to buy the product.
After applying the product to the reader, the light on the display lights up and you will hear the sound of the product being scanned. 
The picture of the product will appear on the display and we will hear its name.
If the child does not take any action, the cash register goes to sleep.
* Shopping at the cash register:
After scanning the product, we will hear what the product is and how much it costs.
A nice voice encourages us to pay. We display numbers on the card reader and confirm with a yellow button.
A receipt appears on the screen and a nice voice thank you for shopping.
* In the last mode the cashier tells us what to delete.
The fund has the function of learning numbers in the range from 0 to 9.
After pressing a given digit, we hear the name of the letter and we can see it on the display.
We can also add and subtract numbers, the cash register has a +, -, = button.
Operating instructions in the packaging.
The toy is intended for children from 36 months of age and has a CE certificate.
Toy powered by 4 x AA 1.5V batteries, not included.
The whole packaged in a colorful package, ideal for a gift.


Content of the set

- cash register, 
- shopping cart,
- credit card,
- ID card,
- 4 banknotes $ 5,
- 5 banknotes $ 1,
- 3 banknotes $ 10,
 - groceries with a bar code (bunch of grapes, a bunch of bananas, bread, a portion of French fries, a box of 8 eggs, carrots, fish, apple box, paprika, milk)




The dimensions of the cash register with the reader and terminal are approx. 34 cm x 15 cm x 24 cm. 
The dimensions of the shopping cart are approx. 15 cm x 13 cm x 7 cm.
The dimensions of foodstuffs are approx. 6 cm x 5 cm.
The dimensions of the packaging are approximately 42.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 18.5 cm.



Sales Department 

  • nr. phone: +48 780 044 325 (dział Hurtowy) - Denis
  • nr. phone: +48 515 100 098 (dział Hurtowy) - Daniel
  • fax: +48 12 263 77 54
  • e-mail:
  • image denis_malikov
  • The main office and warehouse: Kraków 31-574, Str. Ciepłownicza 54, 
    godziny pracy działu hurtowego Pn-Pt  od 9 do 17
  • Oddział Katowice ul. Markiefki 71
  • Oddział Warszawa ul. Kierbedzia 4 (Mokotów)
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