Large House With Vestibule 4in1 Red Roof

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Garden house with a slide, a basketball and a garden with a table [ZOG.CHD-808]

All elements of the slide are made of high quality HDPE material. 
It is a high density polyethylene, ranging from 0.942 to 0.965 g / cm3. 
HDPE is a more flexible material and resistant to mechanical damage as compared to materials used in other such constructions. 
All walls and components are made of a double layer of plastic. 
This additionally gives the possibility to fill the walls with a sand-like insert, aggregate ensuring the stability of the structure. 
Large components make assembly easier.

 large space inside the house ensuring freedom of play, 
large door opening wide safe two-layer slide, 
wide, durable slide levels, built-in vestibule with passage to the house, 
inside the fenced garden you will find stairs to the slide, 
the construction allows for dismantling the garden and adding a house wall. 
basketball hoop, ball to play 2 chairs, useful stable table, 
The design of the elements allows for various configurations of the house. 
All walls and components are made of a double layer of plastic. 
It additionally gives the possibility of filling the walls with a sand or aggregate type insert ensuring stability of the structure. Large components facilitate assembly.




height of the house 128 cm, total length 239,5 cm, 
width with a table 155 cm, slide size of 110 x 38 cm, 
fence height 55 cm, table height 40 cm, table length 47 cm, 
basketball backboard height 83 cm, 
internal dimensions of the garden 70 x 95 cm, 
entry size 50 x 97 cm, 
house weight 34,3 kg,
cardboard dimensions 129,5 x 48,5 x 72,5 cm



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