Multifunctional Wood Cube 8in1

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Multifunctional Cube of Wood 8in1 (ZDR.BLLN-2178)


Wooden educational multifunctional cube is a tool for learning through play. It is intended for children from 3 years of age. It is made of safe materials, the wood is covered with non-toxic colored paint in pastel colors pleasant to the eye. It has a streamlined shape without sharp ends.

In the upper part there is a maze with beads, fruit and animals, and cars sliding on the track. This part can be detached from the whole. In the middle of the cube there is a place for blocks and animals with magnets that were included in the set.

There is a lake on the bottom of the cube where you can place animals with magnets, and then fish them with a fishing rod.

The presented cube is an 8-in-1 toy, each wall has different tasks.

Blue wall with an abacus

On this wall, the child will be able to perform the first math operations: addition and subtraction.

Pink wall with a clock

The child will get acquainted with the clock, learn to recognize the time.

Green wall with a labyrinth with animals

The sliding elements perfectly support the development of toddlers and develop manual dexterity.

A purple wall with a puzzle with letters and animals

Learning to recognize numbers and count.

Blue wall sorter

The child learns to recognize shapes, colors, and how to sort objects. Improves manual skills, exercises the efficiency and precision of small hands movements.

Yellow wall, colored gears making a mechanical noise

Playing with gears triggers creativity in the child, teaches observation and concentration.

The fun with this cube will not end quickly, and thanks to the solid quality of workmanship, it will serve the child for a very long time.

- a cube with a removable upper element,

- colored blocks: blue circle, purple triangle, pink square,

- five colorful fish with magnets, jellyfish, shark, water horse, dolphin, turtle,

- a magnetic rod.


- cube approx. 33 cm x 21 cm, after removing the upper part approx. 19.5 cm x 21 cm,

- blocks about 3.5 cm x 2 cm,

- animals with magnets, approx. 6 cm x 4 cm x 0.5 cm,

- fishing rod, stick approx. 16 cm x 1 cm,

- packaging dimensions approx. 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm




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