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A music panel with a colored light and a 3in1 movable platform (99-108B).

The panel is equipped with:
- OFF / ON switch with two-stage volume control,
- a screen with a movable platform (quietly moving clouds with the moon and a boat floating on the sea),
- rainbow-changing lighting - bedside lamp,
- button A (10 melodies), when pressed, starts a calm melody giving relaxation, peace, but also it can accompany the child while having fun,
- the B button activates 3 melodies and nature sounds (singing birds, frog croaking, wave sound),
- the C button activates the melody (10 melodies),
- the button with the letter D is used to start or stop the platform, it can also control music and lighting for 10 minutes or 20 minutes to choose from.
- at the back, a loudspeaker and adjustable handles to attach the toy.

This multi-purpose toy works great from the first days of our baby's life.
Made with great care with 100% non-toxic and highest quality materials.
Vivid colors and a mobile platform attracts the attention of our child.
The sounds of nature and pleasing melodies support its emotional development.
This is a reliable help when laying a toddler to sleep.
It is also a relief during stressful moments and quiet during sleep.
A soft light will bring a cozy mood to your child's bedroom.

TOY with two adjustable handles can be easily hung in a cot, baby carrier or trolley.

They will make time spent at home, on a walk and on a journey.

The toy is powered by 3 AA batteries (3x1,5V) - attached to the set, has a colorful and aesthetic box perfectly suited for a gift.

The dimensions of the toy are approx. 28 cm x 21 cm x 6 cm.
The dimensions of the box are approx. 37 cm x 29 cm x 8 cm.




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