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Aluminum set of furniture made of technorattan - a set of a sofa with a table + 2 armchairs + 2 stols (footstools) brown [201053-A] 


A set of aluminum garden furniture composed of:

    -large comfortable sofa,
    -2 armchairs,
    -2 poufs, footrests,
    -nine soft cushions and a huge one-piece pillow for the sofa seat,

The construction of all elements of the set was mounted on ALUMINUM racks, providing the set with lightness and resistance to weather conditions. Thanks to the use of high quality aluminum, the set is completely corrosion-resistant.

The frame of the furniture is covered with thick, tactile Technorattan straps.

The practical table is equipped with a 5mm thick safety glass panel.

The set includes 9 soft cushions + a huge cotton seat cushions, which are very easy to keep clean. Pillowcases on the seats have locks, so we can take them off and wash them. The cushion insert is made of durable upholstery foam with a thickness of approx. 11 cm. The back cushions have eye-catching quilting.
-technorattan has high resistance to moisture, solar radiation and frost. Polyethylene from which it is made does not discolor or crumble under the influence of atmospheric conditions, as it occurs in the case of natural rattan,
-no maintenance required. Technorattan after soiling is enough to be cleaned with a damp cloth with the addition of detergent,
-furniture made of technoratan are extremely durable. The lifetime of the material in perfect condition is estimated to be 10-15 years,
-thanks to high flexibility, the furniture is resistant to mechanical damage,
-technorattan is made of polyethylene thanks to which the set is extremely light and functional,
-the fibers can be recycled,
-technorattan strips have a natural, attractive appearance.
-length 194 cm,
-width 80 cm,
-height 88 cm,
-length 73 cm,
-width 84 cm,
-height 86 cm,
-length 59 cm,
-width 62 cm,
-height 49 cm,
-length 111.5 cm,
-width 60.5 cm,
-height 46 cm,
The total weight of all elements of the 61.6 kg set.
2 cartons with a total weight of 74.6 kg

- 94 x 76 x 128 cm / 29.7 kg,

- 193 x 84 x 86 cm / 44.9 kg.



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