Rainbow Trampolin Jumping, Jumper, Ride on

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Rainbow Trampolin Jumping, Jumper, Ride on


Huge Playground - trampoline jumper + table + music sound panel + toys. 
MULTIFUNCTIONAL KIT developing manual skills, regulates the strength and precision of using objects, teaches colors and shapes.
Thanks to this toy, the child develops motor coordination.
The toy allows you to prepare it for walking by strengthening your leg muscles.
Stable construction with a soft, rotating seat gives safety and comfort while playing.
Thanks to the use of elastics in the adjustable stand under the legs (3-STAGE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT), the child can enjoy the effects of his new play.
1. colorful PIANINKO - a cheerful worm is a field for a small virtuoso, after pressing individual keys, the built-in melodies will be activated.
2. ŚLIMACZZEK - turns a happy bug in motion.
3. big ROBACZEK - caterpillar - has 3 active buttons, when you press them you hear cheerful sounds, for example, cheerful laughter of a child, an additional attraction is a great bug motif.
In addition, the panel has an ON / OFF switch, volume control and a button for switching music modes.
The toy has a comfortable grip - it can be easily detached from the whole jumper and moved to any place. SPHERE WITH HANGING TOYS:
1. mirror - great for the imagination of our child, develops visual coordination, the mirror will stimulate cognitive - revealing reflexes.
2. hanging animals - develop motor coordination and stimulate cognitive-revealing impulses.
Colorful shells - a pyramid for stacking - develops manual skills, regulates the strength and precision of using objects, teaches colors and shapes.
Rattling ratchet rattle - works on the principle of a rattle, develops auditory and visual coordination, teaches the divisibility of attention, gives a lot of fun while playing. little top - a rattle ball - develops manual skills
Set Cointans

- big trampolin / jumper, 
- music panel,
- a headband with hanging toys and a mirror (a bee and a ladybug),
- ratchet ball
- a whirlwind with beads to move,
- colored shells
- pyramid for moving,
- rattling owl
- ratchet to rotate,
- colorful packaging, ideal for a gift.




- trampolin / jumper about 57 cm x 87 cm (the height of the seat from the ground approx. 35 cm), 
- panel about 29.5 cm x 17 cm x 6.5 cm,
- shells about 19 cm x 21 cm x 6.5 cm,
- a ratchet - a sphere of about 20.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 11 cm.
- rattling rattling - owl about 20 cm,
- hanging toys about 11 cm x 8.5 cm,
- packaging about 70 cm x 59 cm x 18 cm.



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