Waffle Foam Pads

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Waffle Foam Pads


The set contains a colorful puzzle made of high quality components. 
The puzzles were made of soft, easy-to-connect and pleasant to the touch foam.
Puzzles are great for educational games with a child.
The proposed set is a unique puzzle in the colors of the rainbow with animals and geometrical figures.
Each element can be combined with each other to create spatial constructions or flat puzzles.
The puzzles connect with each other in any configuration and then you can create spatial figures - a cube or a house.
The described puzzles do not absorb water so they are easy to clean.
If soiled, simply wipe them with a damp cloth.
On each element there is an image of a pet or a geometric figure that can be pulled out, obtaining additional elements of the puzzle.

The set consists of 6 soft boards with dimensions: 
- 3 boards approx. 28,5 cm x 28,5 cm thickness: 2 cm,
- 3 boards approx. 29 cm x 23 cm thickness: 2 cm.
The dimensions of the packaging are approx. 52 cm x 29.5 cm x 6.5 cm.



Sales Department 

  • nr. phone: +48 780 044 325 (dział Hurtowy) - Denis
  • nr. phone: +48 515 100 098 (dział Hurtowy) - Daniel
  • fax: +48 12 263 77 54
  • e-mail: denis@ramiz.pl
  • image denis_malikov
  • The main office and warehouse: Kraków 31-574, Str. Ciepłownicza 54, 
    godziny pracy działu hurtowego Pn-Pt  od 9 do 17
  • Oddział Katowice ul. Markiefki 71
  • Oddział Warszawa ul. Kierbedzia 4 (Mokotów)
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